Your Credit Score and Automobile loans

Today car dealerships make big claims, like they can secure you a loan on your dream car even if you have poor credit. While this may be true, let’s take a look at how your credit score impacts your auto loan.

Take a $40,000 new car with a 5 year loan. You are looking at saving almost
$200.00 monthly if your credit score is above 700! That is a savings of over
$2000 annually or $10,000 over the course of your 5 year loan. Add that savings
you could save annually with a clean credit and your auto insurance,
which is around $500.00 and you are looking at $2500 a year in your pocket…12,500
over the 5 year loan period. This example illustrates how credit
report repair
is money in the bank for you in the long run. Vitesse
works with thousands of clients yearly to repair their credit
. Visit their website for more information at

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