Warming Tips for College Kids


Christmas is behind us and the New Year approaches. Many of our young will be returning to school to study in a winter wonderland that will slowly transition into spring. That’s a whole range of temperatures for them to deal with, especially if they are somewhere out of state with different weather patterns. Arm your children with warm college dorm bedding and these tips to keep the dorm room warm.

Space Heaters

The best solution for those cold nights chained to a desk is a space heater and a pair of wool socks. The socks will keep your feet warm while the space heater does the rest, and it costs less than running your heating system. Some dorms cover utilities in the cost to rent, but those living in off-campus apartments would do well to heed this tip if they want extra spending money for weekends out.

Better Bedding

Most adolescents don’t realize that different bedding can help them keep warmer at night. The normal sleeping temperature for the best night of sleep is somewhere around the 70 degree mark. Thermal sheets or quilts can help you hit that mark without adding a lot of weight to the bed.

Check the Room

When you first move into your dorm, check all of the windows and doorways for cracks. Maintenance to seal these areas is typically free to you, and it’s covered within days of moving in. That’s perfect for students returning to school after Christmas.


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