Resources for Learning App Development

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The world of app development is one of the fastest growing the tech world has seen. From finding homes to playing games and tracking finances, apps are heavily relied on by today’s smartphone user. Stores are holding apps in the hundreds of millions and yet they are still in high demand with new launches all the time.

app-development-learning-resourcesWhether you want to make extra money or stir up the creative juices, learning app development can be a great pursuit. Of course, you need to establish the platform you want to work with. Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, each and more has its unique language and fundamentals of programming.

iPhone app developers Los Angeles requires getting a grip on platforms like Objective-C and XCode. Sites like NSScreencast can help. Stanford University offers app development for iOS. It covers the basics, as well as multi-touch tech, app memory and object-oriented design.

Android is open sourced. That makes Android app development a great place to start. You can develop apps without any real quality assurance criteria. Of course, creating less than exemplary apps won’t help your reputation. Google itself provides Developer Android, but there are also the blogs: My Life with Android and Android Bootcamp.

Overall, there are general mobile application development Los Angeles that can simplify learning, but getting good requires time and involves more layering than other types of software development. While you will have to develop a personal style through hands-on practice, options like online or onsite courses can put you on the road to developing apps like a pro.

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