The Pickin Tool Simplifies Guitar Lessons

Learning how to play the guitar takes practice. By practicing with a teacher or on your own, you can learn to play guitar chords and scales, and, over time even learn how to write your own songs. But what if you’re having trouble grasping the instrument? Or, what if you want to learn how to master the fret board without quitting your day job? There’s a tool for that; it’s called The Pickin’ Tool.

Developed by guitarist Jim Kelly, The Pickin’ Tool helps users learn how to play the guitar by visualization. The “tool” consists of two illustrated drawings of a guitar neck, complete with frets and notes; the drawing is laminated, which makes it possible for users to mark scales or chord patterns on the fret board. Users can visualize, or see notes and grasp the shape of the intervals, chords and scales, as well as how they all work together. Once you’re done practicing your scale or chord pattern, you can easily wipe it clean to write something new. This simple, but vital visualization tool helps users learn how to play guitar chords much faster with the guitar in hand.

Along with The Pickin’ Tool, people who purchase the item receive a three-page instruction to basic music theory, a set of instructions on how to use the tool, and how to build major scales. The tool also comes with standard scale and chord patterns to better illustrate how scales and patterns are created.

Whether you’re majoring in music, or simply want to learn basic guitar theory without hiring a teacher, The Pickin’ Tool is an affordable and easy way to learn how to play the guitar. And since the tool is a learning aid, it can be used along with any method used to learn the guitar.

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