Skin Care and Display Advertising – By Ted Dhanik

Skin care and health/beauty products have long had their own marketing scheme. Typically sold in person, these products did better with personal recommendations and door-to-door selling than utilizing traditional forms of marketing; i.e., television and radio ads, newspaper ads, etc. However, with purchasing online becoming more prominent and a very dependent way for customers to purchase products and learn about new ones, it was time for skin care and health to get into digital advertising.

Display advertising is one of the best ways to promote a skin care product. Because it is focused on specific audiences who already purchase skin care products, it is a great way to market a new product and ensure ROI. Because of the specified nature of display advertisements, the CPMs will be low, and the traffic on the site high.

Now, this tends to scare away a lot of beauty companies. A huge factor when a consumer determines to click on a beauty ad is the quality of the ad and the integrity of the site on which it is found. Because the client cannot see the immediate result or test the product first, they must rely on both the initial site and the product’s site’s validity to ensure a quality product that is worth their money.

Thus, it is important to ensure the display advertiser has the best connections available, so as to promote the skin/health product in the most professional light. With skin care moving into a direct marketing trend, display marketing only seems natural to continue in the quest to seek out and help specific consumers.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of marketing company engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik is a display advertising guru who offers thoughtful insight in his blogs and videos. Allow Ted Dhanik to help you boost your visibility.

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