Science Experiments for a High Altitude Balloon

Summary:This is a list of science experiments you can conduct with your family and a weather balloon.

Science experiments help us to discover more facts about the world around us, even if they are simple or fun facts. Using a weather balloon, there are all sorts of exciting discoveries waiting to be uncovered.

Water Experiments

If you launch your balloon into the stratosphere, there could be a chance that the vacuum of space would cause the water to boil. This has a lot to do with air pressure, but you can attach a camera to your high altitude balloon kit to observe this phenomenon in real-time. When the payload lands, you’ll have photographic evidence and some interesting conclusions.

Atmospheric Experiments

Attach a can of soda to the payload of your weather balloon. You can purchase a sturdy arm, and pack it full of GPS loggers and other items in addition to the soda can. When the can reaches a certain height, the pressure may or may not cause the insides to explode. It might also cool the can and drop it safely to Earth. Only your experiment will uncover the truth.

Recovering Data

The most effective experiments need data to prove their hypotheses. When you purchase your kit, be sure to get a data logger so you can record atmospheric conditions on the way up. This way, you can prove exactly how much pressure is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Final Thoughts

Experiments are fun, and relatively cheap to perform. You can use the results for a science fair project, or just enjoy an afternoon with the family discovering something new and exciting about the world.

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