Mothers Going Back to School – It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Mothers are going back to school in droves. In fact, many single mothers are going back to school. Experts say that nearly 1/3 of all single mothers either live at or below the poverty line. Economic challenges like those make going back to school practically a necessity.

For most parents going back to school, time and money are the biggest obstacles. However, they do not have to be. Many schools offer part-time opportunities for parents going back to school. And, there are plenty of new scholarships for adults returning to college; the key is knowing how to take advantage of them.

So, where can you find scholarships for parents going back to school? Start with these 4 opportunities:

1. If you’re an adult going back to school because you were laid off, there are plenty of educational opportunities for unemployed workers. Start by applying for Federal Pell Grants by filling out a FAFSA application, then, work your way down. In fact, your school or town may have scholarship opportunities specifically for unemployed workers.

2. For single mothers going back to school, the federal government may be able to help. You will have to start by filling out a FAFSA to see what kind of government opportunities you qualify for. For example, President Obama created the Single Mom Grants to help low income single mothers going back to school.

3. If you already have a job, your employer may be able to help you out, too. Many big corporations – including WalMart, McDonald’s, and Starbucks – have educational opportunities for employees who want to go back to school. It’s a great way for parents going back to school, who also need to keep working.

4. Dig out your old transcripts. Many adults going back to school can qualify for scholarships based on their academic performance – no matter how long it’s been since you were in school. Virtually all colleges and universities offer scholarships based on your grades. If you were a stellar student back in the day, now is the time to brag about it!

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