How to choose your child’s college dorm room bedding

college-dorm-bedding-sets-for-girlsWritten by: Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos

Summary: Prepare your child for college with a quality set of bedding.

So, your child is all grown up and moving on to college. Just a few weeks left before you can get rid of all the stuffed animals and car posters and turn their room into a guest room. Or a study. Or a man cave.

But, your child still represents you and your family and they can’t just sleep on a mattress, can they? Even though they are leaving the nest, shopping for your child’s bedding can be a very fun and important way to stay connected to them and still give them a sense of home away from home.

Worried about the weather? Parents with children moving into a new state might want to order duvet covers, which take up less space than a comforter while providing ample warmth. You can also order thinner duvet covers to change the style of a top layer.

You would be surprised at how many parents of college-bound children you will find looking for quilts at your local department store the night before kids leave for school. In fact, bedding for dorm rooms has become a cottage industry for most major room bedding outlets.

This means there are anything from sheets, to mattress covers, to pillows, to quilts available at different prices all year long. Bedding for learning is no different for than buying for their bedroom at home, start early in January if you want to find great deals, and most importantly – have fun looking for your child’s bedding options as they begin this exciting new phase of their life.

Bio: Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos is the style blogger for BeddingStyle. Order Laura Ashley pillows or bedding for your college student today.

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