Great Jobs for Realty Professionals

Not everyone with a real estate license wants to perform the challenging sales and client management responsibilities of the sales agent. Successful sales agents may want to transition from an active selling role to a strategic or support role. These professionals can look into careers such as property manager or home stager. Both roles require a fluid understanding of property purchases and sales. In some cases, these positions can be more lucrative than a sales agent’s role because the professional focuses on an area at which he or she excels:

Property Manager

Many property owners buy homes, apartment buildings, or commercial buildings without the intention of living in the property or managing it. Other owners live out of town, so their ability to actively manage their investments is limited. The licensed property agent can work for a realty broker, investment firm (such as a private equity fund or REIT manager), or other businesses. The property manager markets properties for rent, arranges or shows the property to prospects, collects and distributes the owner’s income stream from properties, hires repair and maintenance staff, collects rent (or enforces collection), and always acts in the owner’s best interests. The property manager may earn a salary or work on a percentage of revenues generated by the properties. He or she may also work as a referring agent by sending prospective tenants or buyers and sellers to other agents in the market.

Staging Consultant

Home stagers know how to present a property at its best advantage. These professionals may work when time is an issue, such as when the owner wants to sell the property very quickly. Home stagers act as consultants to the client. They may add, subtract, or reconfigure the home or building’s existing furnishings to improve its “show appeal.” He or she may rent furnishings to save the client money. These professionals may work on an hourly or project rate, or earn referring agent fees from sales agents.

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