Easy Tool Helps Musicians Learn Guitar Scales

What began as a creative way for a studying guitarist to hone his craft has become a valuable tool that is now available for guitarists around the world. While studying guitar at college, musician Jim Kelly found that he was able to learn guitar scales and chords better by drawing the fret-board on paper and marking it with the scales he wanted to practice. This simple format helped him visual the guitar tabs, sheet music, chord progressions and the guitar lessons he was learning. But instead of wasting paper each time he changed scales, he eventually created a reusable laminate covered fret board, the Pickin’ Tool.

Portable and practical, the new tool travelled with Jim throughout his college years and while he continued his studies with Jackie King of The Southwest Guitar Conservatory. The tool quickly gained popularity and many musicians and teachers encouraged Jim to market his valuable product.

Initially, 1,000 tools were created, and the product was sold on the road as well as in several music stores across the nation. Then in 2011, the product was redesigned and marketed on the web, making it available to just about anyone interested in learning guitar scales the easy way.

The neat thing about the Pickin’ Tool is that it’s useful for all levels of guitar players, from beginners to masters of the instrument. Jim likes to call it a tool rather than a method, because musicians learning any method can easily use the Pickin’ Tool to learn how to play guitar chords and scales. To learn more about the Pickin’ Tool or to purchase it online, please visit www.thepickintool.com.

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