Building a Successful Career with ACAOM

The American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is an accredited institution in Houston that offers graduate degrees that blend western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Offering an integrative medicine master’s degree along with a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, ACAOM is built to allow healthcare professionals to advance their careers. Graduate degrees are available through coursework offered either online or on-site. Because so many of ACAOM’s students must balance ever-changing schedules, the accommodating nature of degree coursework is perfect to fit into a busy career or personal life.

Faculty at ACAOM are committed to providing hands-on experience, exposing students to cutting-edge research, and providing an effective blend of western and traditional Chinese medicine. ACAOM students and alumni are also allowed to utilize on-site facilities to grow a professional client base before joining a pre-existing practice elsewhere or starting their own. ACAOM graduates also proudly boast a placement rate that is roughly 80% (as of 2012 cohort).

In addition to the tremendous career opportunities provided at ACAOM, the opportunity for scholarships makes an ACAOM degree more affordable. By addressing program affordability, career placement opportunities, and client base development, ACAOM is committed to implementing graduate degree programs that allow for career advancement and success.

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