Your Child’s First Bed: What Parents Need to Know

When your toddler is big enough to sleep in a bed rather than a crib, it can be an exciting transition. However, several factors should be considered when buying, decorating, and monitoring the new bed to ensure the child sleeps comfortably and safely.

Buy a Toddler Bed

Parents might want to get a toddler bed instead of buying a regular single-size adult bed for a little one. A toddler bed sits low to the floor so the child won’t fall far if he or she rolls out of bed. These beds for small children often have side rails to help prevent falls, and they are made of safe materials that can’t hurt a child. Special size comforters can be bought to fit the toddler’s new bed.

Use Bedding the Child Will Enjoy

Look for a comforter set, including matching sheets, pillow cases, and cover, in a pattern or theme the child will enjoy. This may involve Disney characters or storybook themes with which the toddler is familiar and facilitate adjustment to the new bed.

Monitor Your Child’s Adjustment to the Bed

Frequently check on your little one while he or she gets used to sleeping in the bed. Make sure the bedding fits correctly. If you have twins, getting twin comforter sets to go with matching toddler beds helps both children to transition simultaneously.

Watching children grow up as they move from one stage to the next is fun. Keep them comfortable and secure in safe, high-quality sleeping arrangements. Start with a toddler bed if possible, and use fun bedding.

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