Questions to Ask Before Attending Makeup School

Written by the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry.

Choosing the right makeup school can be extremely difficult, especially if you have limited experience in the industry. There are many schools for make up artistry in the United States claiming to offer the highest level of education available. So how do you know which schools will be the right fit and will prepare you for a career as a makeup artist?

Before you register for any make up classes, it’s important to do your homework. This includes touching base with the school’s admissions department and faculty to get important questions answered. Here’s a look at some of the things you need to find out when asking questions of potential make up artistry schools:

What Is the Quality of the Faculty?One of the most important factors in the quality of education that you’ll receive at a makeup academy is the experience and abilities of the faculty. Simply put: you can’t get a great education without great teachers. Ask about the qualifications of the instructors that you’ll be learning from. Find out what their industry experience is and if they can translate their skills to teaching you what you need to know.

Is the School Certified?

Not all makeup schools have received certification from an industry organization or state Department of Education. Finding a school with the proper credentials ensures that your education meets or exceeds standards for colleges in your industry. Schools that make the effort to receive certification are the schools that care the most about the level of education they provide to their students.

Do Graduates Go On to High Paying Jobs in the Industry?

Gaining the skills you need to become an expert makeup artist is just one part of the reason why you choose to attend a makeup artistry school. After you gain these skills, it’s important that you can then find a job that will allow you to flourish and grow in the industry. Some schools are better at getting students placed in jobs post-graduation than others because of their industry connections, job placement help and reputation within the industry.

Are There Programs for Specialties Within the Makeup Industry?

There are many different career paths for makeup artists to pursue. Some of the most popular fields include bridal and special event makeup, fashion makeup, film and television makeup and special effects makeup. While many schools offer training in multiple disciplines, some schools excel at teaching certain fields.
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