Merging Business with Nonprofit Organizations


Article written by Education Industry news


If you want to propel your business further by involving yourself with a charity organization, be sure that you follow these tips.

Initially you’re going to want to do research on what charity organization works well with your business model. If you are a company that manufactures fur coats, you’re not going to want to contact PETA and ask them to work with you. The goal is to create a marketing campaign that raises awareness for an organization and at the same time increase your company’s exposure.

So you’ve found a charity organization that fits your business mold and are one phone call away from joining forces. What next? Before you commit, take time to look at some online tools that allow you to see where the charity is putting their money to. You don’t want to donate and then find out that you’ve been funding staff parties and office rental bills the whole time. Again, your charity of choice should work fundamentally well with your business for a positive outcome.

As a business you and your employees share a common vision. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to fully agree with all of the decisions that you make. Consult with them to find out what they think of your plan and what charity they’d donate to. Going solo with your decision and pulling the trigger could lose the trust and faith that your employees have for you. Inform them of your intentions and give them a little insight. It won’t hurt and will increase your rapport with them.

Bio: Ferhan Patel is the CCO of Payza, an e-commerce payment platform that provides businesses with convenient solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide.